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Ludens is definitely Sam. Me: wow mister kojima, is this an adventure, horror, time travel, survival, open world, or action game? Kojima: yes. Una produzione: IL CAZZO IMMENSO DI KOJIMA. The laugh of a baby is such a great noise. Glad that I did my part. Metal Gear Solid. Death Stranding. I love that Geoff finally got to be in a Kojima game, that's gotta be like a dream come true for him. How ironic it will be when UPS, Fed Ex and Amazon “deliver” copies of the game when released! 😂. Watch Homo full English Full Movie Online. Download Homo "dens Torrent Watch movie 2018. Homo Ludens megavideo Homo Ludens Watch Free. Was the delivery a package of Doritos.

Plz make remake of patapon 2 and 3 plz. Another masterpiece. WE'RE WHALERS ON THE MOON. WE CARRY A HARPOON. すげーよなー低評価が少なすぎる. Hadn't been a fan of Kojima's work sense the original Metal Gear Solid. They really lost me with MGS2 and it's odd trollish weirdness and I just hadn't had the desire to try their work sense. All the strife with Konami and his big auteur status in the industry just hasn't impressed me that much. I mean, I hope his fans like it but theres a weird contrarian part of me that wants it to bomb. (It won't) I dunno.

The terminal interface reminded me so much of Elite: Dangerous. Basically this game is being a cargo ship from Elite: Dangerous in human form. It feels like I've just watched 5 different trailers. Fantastic. What the meaninng. Just know this the transition from one scene to the next is the baby blinking. Sony killed Xbox this gen. not hating on MS but the games on PS4 are just beast.





I don't want players just to say oh it's fun and entertaining, but I want them to feel something more. Hideo Kojima congrats you did it, and I'm crying like a b*tch at the end of the story. Just finished the game by the way, it was a masterpiece. Kojima is a genius. Homo Ludens. I would be dead. I can't hold my breath that long. Me: So Kojima this trailer will explain what Death Stranding is about right? Kojima: What? Me: What.

Yeeeees, the wait for this video might've topped the wait for the real game, thanks so much. Let's show Kojima just how much America loves him! I can't wait for this game release. An Interview in Japan, Hideo Kojima said : if the player replays the mission Skull Face after completing Truth: The Man Who Sold the World, although the speech Skull Face gave to Big Boss is the same, the subtitles will add quotation marks around Big Boss. Homo ludens 1944. The cast reveal is so epic: 5:43. Another masterpiece. Roger Ebert: videogames can never be art! Kojima: Hold my beer.


Kojima has a whale fetish! Confirmed. Homo ludens audiobook. I think the moral of the game is finding ways to connect with other people by testing things around the world, collecting samples, solving puzzles, making discoveries. it sounds interesting. I love open world exploration games and I'm very interested in the game.

I dont know what ive just saw but Im excited anyway

It's August, only now I noticed that every character are crying when they are presented in 5:45

Audience: what is this game about? Kojima: Yes. Audience: perfect. Homo ludens znacenje. This game is going to be liiiiiiit. From legendary game creator <3. Just a little longer, a message from Kojima.