Movie Flexbook review

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Movie facebook. This one was much better than the first trailer! That one was kind of show. ZHE INTRO ZHOUGH 😂😭😭💪💪. Who was Eli side chick in the black dress. Saving private(Insert any generic british name, nobody remembers anyway) Yeah, not seeing a dime from me until you show some actual creativity. Stop with remakes, prequels and sequels. Go broke until then.

Flexbook movie. Sandler is starting to look like John Turturro. Movie facebook full cast.

So no one is going to admit they came for the thumbnail

This the nicca on the couch in the first movie fuccing ole gurl.

They're literally gonna make me cry over a pair of pants

This role has the potential to land Adam Sandler an Oscar nomination. My grandfather turned into a 10 year old boy after he heard this was coming out.




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