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AMO-TE COMO ÉS. Estreia em Portugal: 6-Agosto-2015. Jay Wheeler, o filho pródigo de uma família rica conhece Daisy Kensington, uma paciente psiquiátrica que foi criada em isolamento, durante toda a sua vida. Te amo te amo - 1Directioners Latinas. 100 Frases de Te Amo para el Amor de tu Vida - Lifeder.


No próximo dia 6 de agosto, a Cinemundo lança em cinema o filme "Amo-te Como És. Barefoot. uma divertida e cativante comédia romântica realizada por Andrew Fleming, com argumento de Stephen Zotnowski. Este filme conta com Evan Rachel Wood, Scott Speedman, J.K. Simmons, Treat Williams e Kate Burton nos papéis principais. Didn't know anything about this movie and I'm in the business. It's not a great movie, but certainly a warm, touching story about two strangers who just can't get their lives together. While Scott Speedman is okay, I fell totally for Evan Rachael Woods character, it just made the movie work. It has elements of Wedding Crashers and Cuckoo's Nest (would have liked to see more interchange with the mental patients) and any dozen road pictures that 30-somethings seem to hang onto. Music was nice enough, not forgettable but then what is in these indie movies. It starts off with typical gangsters wanting owed money but once it gets to Speedman's parents, it begins to work on it's own. The road part,though, becomes a cliché and I wish they could have found more of a Gable/Colbert connection. Still I watched the whole movie and had a nice evening.