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I got to see a special advance screening of this movie 6 months before its US release. I may mention certain specific moments of the movie, but I won't spoil anything.
One of the producers came onstage before the movie started and talked about how it took 4 years to film everything and then they edited everything together to form each of the stories. This is noticeable in at least one scene where it cuts back and forth between a panda and red panda to imply they're looking at each other, but that's the only noticeable instance that comes to mind.
Among all the animals they filmed, the three main stories center around families of Pandas, monkeys, and snow leopards. The narrator tries to anthropomorphicise everything the cute furry animals do. I know other nature documentaries sometimes do that, this one does it a lot, trying everything to make it more emotionally relatable, and I guess for the most part it works, but it might get a little annoying at parts.
Speaking of the narrator, I assume there was a technical difficulty at my screening since there was no narration for the first 10 minutes, then all of a sudden he started taking as if we already knew who the animals were. What's up with that?
It sorta goes without saying that the landscapes are beautiful and the footage is impressive. What really sets this film apart is how much footage they got of the snow leopards. If you didn't know, snow leopards are very rare and notoriously difficult to photograph, let alone film. Even Planet Earth didn't get anywhere near as much footage, or as close. I'd say this movie is worth checking out just for the snow leopard footage alone.
It's difficult for me to give nature films a numerical rating since they're so different from traditional movies, so all I can really say is its pretty good. I gave it a 7/10 because I ranked every movie I've seen in theaters in 2016 from best to worst, and this movie falls in the 7/10 block for me.





So... thx 1138 remake? why dont they just call it that

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@Midknight18C music is called Hoppipolla from Sigur Ros. I hate how the poor lepord dies ad they DONT help it like dude. I am we can still have hope... I know its not really something that you'd consider for a girl like her, but she got shot in the head and continued her work. Malala is such a badass its hard to comprehend. Who is the main character? I couldn't see him. AND HIS NAME IS. ferdinand. Vengo por Luisillo el chidolingo :D. My interest plummeted when I saw John Cena is. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Cuuuuteee. cx I can't wait to watch this. Man this is a nice movie :D :D. I met u when I was on my vacation. We had 3 weeks together and now we having 1 year apart. You are the 2nd people that I fall in love with. But I don't know if u care about me as much as I care about u. Or we both just like 2 travelers have the same direction. This for u Nikolaj. Miss u so badly.

This kinda reminded me of The Island. with Scarlet Johansson and the dude that played Obi Won Kanobi. I don't know how to spell his name. I loved everything thing about this movie especially the soundtracks I fell in love with it. First of all this looks like a really cool movie, but my problem it comes the same day as the last jedi.