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Yes please, I want Tim Robbins with me everywhere I go. He will stop all those car alarms, building alarms, all the worst traffic noise, and keep me safe from being driven crazy by the noise of modern life. If only! This extraordinarily original film written and directed by Henry Bean utters the same sentiments of the vox populi as were expressed by Peter Finch in Paddy Chayefsky's script for NETWORK (1976. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. You may remember if you ever saw that film that Finch used the medium of television to persuade tens of thousands of people all over America to throw open their windows and scream that protest into the streets.) The noise of modern urban life is clearly intolerable, and this wonderful comedic treatment of the subject is full of laughs tempered by the solemn realization that it is all, alas, too true. We have all been beaten down into passive acceptance of the intolerable, and that is the theme of this film: Tim Robbins is mad as hell and he isn't going to take it anymore. So he becomes 'The Rectifier' a kind of anonymous heroic Batman figure who goes round Manhattan disabling car alarms which have gone off on the streets, by smashing the car windows and cutting the alarm cables. This leads to a confrontation with the Mayor of New York, gauchely portrayed by William Hurt as a hectoring bully in a wig of the wrong colour and with an effete manner (amusing: where did that characterisation come from? Tim Robbins is perfect, absolutely perfect, in the part of the rebel against the noise pollution. He is a master of that dreamy face of the idealist lost in his own quest for some unattainable perfection (in this case, silence. His wife, played by Bridget Moynahan, does not understand or tolerate him. Although she is a professional cellist and should know better, she is above all things a petite bourgeois and reacts as one: she commences an affair and throws him out of the house after saying of his crusade against car alarms: How can you do this to me. with the emphasis on the me. Am I the only one who has noticed it, or are there others out there who have also noticed, that 95% of American movies over the past twenty years have contained angry young women? They are usually angry and vindictive ex-wives, but sometimes, as in this film, they are angry and vindictive wives. What they all have in common is an unquestioning narcissistic arrogance, total lack of rapport with any partner, and a contempt for all men, especially those whom they use as dispensable husband-toys. Is this really going on in life itself, or is it only in the movies? Surely this is a symptom of malaise in contemporary American society of a most troubling kind. It is more troubling to me than the urban noise, frankly. As a marital reject, living on his own in an even noisier neighbourhood (24th Street and Sixth Avenue, help. Robbins is emotionally rescued by an extremely weird girl who hero-worships him (or at least does so temporarily) played scarily by the Russian/Jewish/American actress Margarita Levieva, who is sometimes a bit difficult to understand because of her accent. She is into sex in a major way and there is a threesome scene which is rather hilarious where she brings back to Robbins's apartment an even wilder creature, a Spanish gal played with droll panache by Maria Ballesteros, whose accent is even more impenetrable. The two gals have an interesting discussion about the relative merits of their private organs, which they take turns examining, while Robbins sits smoking a joint and speculating about the urban nose outside. Levieva is always pontificating about philosophy and quoting Hegel and being an aspiring hyper-intellectual. All of this is wonderfully funny satire, possibly based upon Henry Bean's private experiences, or should I suggest possibly his private parts experiences. There are numerous comedic characters and brilliant minor touches throughout the film where Bean succeeds in giving depth to minor players, with considerable success. Many 'members of the crowd' and even two irrepressible members of a jury, turn miraculously into hilarious characters, as the entire story is littered with the pathos of the multiple stories of the lives of countless supporting players. This is an amazing feat of screen writing and direction, and I wonder whether anyone has really appreciated the extent of Henry Bean's incredible talent and achievement. This film really is a classic, it truly is. Woody Allen ought to take a refresher course in comedy by studying the meticulous construction and realization of this film, which has a freshness and creativity about it which is lacking in, for instance, Allen's MELINDA AND MELINDA. What a pity that Henry Bean has made so few films. Perhaps he is too original, but thank God that he is.





Shia LaBeouf look alike. I want my bandit acog. Why is it coming out the 20th now and not the 19th. Player Name: Nobody jackal Main Nobody ever sees me lul.

One thing i always had as a question is that: WHY DOES NO ONE FART EVEN ONCE

It would be nice to have this alien at home so your kids will stay quite.

Jesus Christ, bird box all over again

I watched now, I think someone is haunting me. Dam i Need bigger headphone or speaker to hear this movie. New Operators look awesome! Predictions: Vigil: Invisible on cameras Dok.: Attack Pulse Zofia: Ash+Ela. 1. Buys Tickets 2. Walks into Theater 3. Sees a bunch of black women 4. Leaves. 5:29 Oml they shouldve looked like that its BOOTIFUL. My favorite operator is Vigil he looks like DeathStroke. They finally got a counter for valkyrie My bad im tripping. Omg, I read this book ages ago and I never knew it became a movie! Also I didn't know it was originally not in Swedish πŸ˜‚. Remember in tremors 2 when they put C4 on remote controlled cars? Yeah, that.

Is it weird that I loved the trailer more than the movie itself? The movie was a bit of a let down but the trailer really makes you wonder what's on the other side. Yeah but how would you realistically get the drones back tho. New T H I C C. Seriously, I need a prequel for this. White noise was a good movie. not great, not awsome, but a good movie they could of made it scary they tried and failed but i was able to sit through the whole movie and watch it from beggining to end and that makes it a decently good.

Forget this new operators, they're no match for Lord Tachanka. Lord chankas phone tone should be the Russian anthem.





The thumbnail looks like they were adding Hideo Kojima to game. It should be illegal to be that hot at her age.


I felt embarrassed everyone heard my fart theater πŸ˜”. @Abercrombie2605 Hey don't take it 's just a ghost movie! Who cares what the bible says?It's a book written by humans! I was rased as an orthodox christian and I don't believe in any god!Of course it's your right to believe in anything,but you don't have to preach about christianity,a religion full of bloodshed in the name of the absolut god! Just consider this, where is god when you suffer?and i know your answer,he moves in mysterious diplomatic,don't you think.

I've seen 90% of all the horror films made after 2000 but this, together with 'the third kind' are the most scary ones for sure. Hush:cant hear bird box:cant see a quiet place: cant speak.


This looks so good! Love the style. Can't wait to see it. WTH WHY ARE BIRDS ALWAYS THE ONE WHO LIVES. LOOK AT BIRD BOX. SPOILERS. okay i am confused, was her twin dead and a ghost or alive but stalking her? im confused. Season pass you like itπŸ˜ƒ.




Two times till I born I cried till post credit scenes went off. First is this great legend movie shawshank redemption and second Is The Green Mile. And Batman.


The question is. What's in the canister. Will it be a search and find game or do u have to have friends to play online please make it puplic if so. He looks like Michael Jackson that ghost. I swear to god i first watched this with my friends in elementary school and i havent slept for a MONTH after. to this day (almost 10 years later) it remains the scariest movie to me. Dokkaebi Is pretty much Sombra.

This should be cross-platform so everyone can play together.


What if some one farts.
Girl: Hello? Is somebody there? Psycho killer: Yhum, I'm in the kitchen. Do you have Cheetos.

This movie only has a 1.5 out of 4 rating and 46% on rotten tomatoes... Just another reason to never listen to movie reviews. Ever. NoiseGator (Noise Gate) download. Just saw it tonight, thought that a movie with minimal talking couldnt pull through but I was obviously proved wrong. This movie was a cinematic masterpiece.10/10. The U.S Military was sadly defeated. In real life, definitely not. I mean the military does have high frequency tools. Vigil reminds me of army of two. Yeah! Listen closely, all right! Why does the sound effects of this trailer - at 0:20 - sound EXACTLY like the one from Alien Covenant movie. When the investigators ask the ghost Did you die I can imagine the ghost reaction same as when my best friend call me at 3:30 am and asks me if I'm awake...

I've seen 90% of all the horror films made after 2000 but this, together with 'the third kind' are the most scary ones for sure. Show exact gadget epi. I feel like this is similar to a book called stranger with my face. Sinister was prolly the scariest movie Ive seen. Didnt know there was a sequel 😢🀐. So is he invisible to cameras and drones. Noise - Download.