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Two things : 1) I really like Hallmark movies. 2) I also like movies about camping or wilderness related. So I maybe biased in this review.
Story-wise, its the typical Hallmark family-oriented style with a romantic feel. Something that you would expect and not expect at the same time.
Actors, I'd say the main characters did their parts very well. The leave-me-alone children, the over-protective parents, a little drama and the sparkle of romance.
By the way, I wish that raccoon could have really been a bear - that it really tore the tent apart. And then Paul comes out to have protected them.
I enjoyed this movie. And like I said, I like it. br> 7 out of 10 stars for me.

America should have joined the war when the British started seizing American shipping in the North Atlantic in 1914. Watched it on San sebastian. Its a beautiful poetic film... I got so excited when I saw that it was directed by Celine Sciamma.




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