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Whats the order of elination whio wins please. Octavia is so hot. I LOVE THIS BUT NEXT PLS UNIVERSITY EXPANSION PACK.


LALALA I NEED THIS LALALALA. It would be great if I could get all of the DLC for less than 200. looks like a great game, but sadly will never play. Wait Kali uchis (sycamore tree) was the actual song for season six. 🔪WHAT U WANT ME FOR ? WHAT U WAITING FOR THEN🔪 LIKE gOaLs they need her to save season seven. I can't believe I've only just seen this. Played the sims since i was like 5 x3 am 13 now. I remember when this got out and i watched this trailer like 10 times per day, even after it got out and i bought it XD. Yeeesss! Now all I need is Making Magic, which now that I think about it, was kinda done for sims 3 through Supernatural and that was a ssiiiiiccckkk expansion pack.

They are so bad at volleyball xd but i'm happy there's a movie about it. Sims 4 seasons come out on November 13 2018 😊. What this song called? I always play it on my sims radio. I want to watch this so bad i don't speak french. Okay, thanks. I swear if San Diego wins this then I'm done with these challenges. Why did mtv even put them on the show? They're all crazy. I hope they lose. Hope this is as good as the Broadway production I saw. THIS MOVIE IS UNBELIEABLE! THERE IS NOTHING CLINT EASTWOOD CAN'T DO.


Okay. the girl looks just like a female version of macauley culkin

Frank bicth. EA PLEASE READ. I am absolutely that you brought us the Sims 4 season but for the next expansion pack, please bring us Sims 4 University. That was my fav pack by far with the Sims 3. The new Sims university should have bunk beds, frat and sorority parties and school mascots. When sims turn teenagers, they should practice improving their skills so before they turn into a young adult, they get the choice to go to university or not. They could apply by either phone or computer. If a sim joins a sorority, they can do different tasks and mini jobs to earn sorority points to unlock special rewards. Please bring us sims 4 university.:D.




Watch Online Hulu, WhaT in~Hindi~Hwanjeolgi. Solar Movies Hwanjeolgi What Time Hwanjeolgi. WATCH'Hwanjeolgi'FULL'MOVIE'ONLINE'STREAM Torrents Hwanjeolgi Read more on the website Hwanjeolgi~English~Film~Live~Steaming. Wanjigi wife. Wanjigi jimmy. Idk why are people complaining, this is a rom com, we all know how this one will go but we still watch cause it's an easy movie to watch on a chill night, idk why people expect a rom com to pull off a game of thrones... The look of LOVE 1:08 is too much for me to handle 😍. Wanjigi challenge. Wanjigi fake obituary. Wanjigi challenge photos. Wanjigi house in muthaiga.

Wanjigi case. Maina wanjigi. Really love this! I hope Soo-hyun(i think that was his name) wakes up. Wanjigi paid for dams. Watch 2018 Online Full.





Omg this feeling by the chainsmokers 😍🤩. Hey @TechGumbo! i would like to see a video about email clients! i dont think there is one that made recently and i think it would be really usefull. Man does Park Chan-Wook know how to shoot a movie, every shot in the movie is just beautiful. This is a reupload. Please respect me, this edit and my love for you all, and refrain from mentioning the name of the movie. Be it in English or in Korean. Thank you so much. <3 The name of the movie is at the end of the video. IT'S BOLD. IT'S BIG. YOU WONT MISS IT.

Scary Version of Cable Guy. Where can I watch this. Oh my. this is gonna be awesome. Hey, does any one think that Noah looks a lot like Alec in Shadow Hunters. WIG: ERASED. I love this movie. I just watched it! SPOILERS AHEAD! I really enjoyed the movie, I love how it starts off with a basic dream of having the dream school, car and girl/boy like every imagined. This is a really interesting and unique film and I would recommend! My favourite part was when Brooke and Shelby ‘broke up and when he tried to get Celia back she declined because she didnt want to be his backup. This is so true because we always see the main character run back to the main girl to get back with them and they forgive them like that but we all know we wouldnt. This made the movie more realistic and made the main character fight for the girl and best friend to actually apologise and accept what he done wrong. Highly recommend to ANYONE.


Did anyone else notice but is the XXXTentacion @ 1:34

Holy crap this trailer was awesome. Park Chan Wook is supreme director who just gave us the best trailer of the year. I'M dying just to find the perfect guy I hop one day I will find him 😥🌹💞.

Oh my this guy also acts bl dramas 🤔. though it looks odd😂

I come from Egypt and I hope one day my parents would see this movie and know where they went wrong. One day the struggle would be over. Amen. Does anyone knows where i can watch this. The part when he says “because youre making me angry” really gets me and I dont know why. Am I the only one cutting onions while watching this. But Camila is still Veronica Lodge for me♥️...


Seen it at the movies loved it. Like a modern day misery movie.