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How can they spoil his wife getting killed in the trailer, trailers show way too much these days, good thing I watched the movie before the trailer, this isnt a trailer, this is a 2 minute summary of the movie. I saw this film many years ago and it was excellent. Jakes bodytransformation from Nightcrawler to this, that's pretty impresive!Aaaand yeah, seems like a good movie. Tender yrock.


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Tender Fictions How Much. This movie was amazing! Emotional rollercoaster, Jake Gyllenhaal did amazing. I plan to purchase when it comes on disc. Tender fictions. Isn't that the guy who plays tony stark. Tender Fictions. Tender fictions barbara hammer. Lol only one black kid. on the beach. in the 60's? lol you know this is fiction! TrollingAllDay) 3. Tender fictions. Tender fiction1d.

I love it! It looks and sounds amazing sean. Well done

Tender fictions 2007. Tender fiction and fantasy. Jake is so talented. how he can play allll these different characters its so cool. Never thought I'll cry 6 times through such a bloody movie. The father daughter bond man. something inspiring and powerful.