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Does anyone know what the song is. What Maisie Knew. Wow the whole plot was revealed. Yay. LOOOOOOOOL you recognize dino dan! and actually spevack is pretty smart. hes in the other enriched math class.


I WILL SEE THIS DEFINITELY. Oww. it's so cutee. he holds her during his interview... 1:06 i wonder how much paper cuts he got. I hate movies involving kids and animals. I avoid them like the plague because they strike the most sensitive cord in my heart which is the care for the ones who cannot care for themselves.
Then again, I cannot turn a blind eye to the ugly reality around me, so I went ahead a watched a movie that I knew would make me hate certain parents. This movie made me feel so, because despite that we may live in a different city or have a different social status, kids are kids whatever the circumstances.
I want to start by congratulating every single actor for their incredibly credible performances, and if Julianne Moore or Steve Coogan ever read this review I want to also add a ton of love for the difficult roles they had to play. Onata Aprile (Maisie) was of course incredible.
Now I want to start from what I did not like about this movie, which unfortunately I wish it could happen in real life. There are some minor exaggerations and parts where, while probably true in some cases, I can hardly believe it would happen in every separation with kids involved, but what prevented this movie for getting my full marks were the happiest parts. It's like watching a miracle; by definition this is not meant to happen. These parts took me away from the feeling of watching real lives and made me remember that, after all, this is a movie, and what is going to happen is whatever the screenwriters and directors say that is going to happen.
And what did happen? Marginal reality, because god forgive that we, the audience, are presented with the 100% true facts of what really goes on in the lives of the children. The movie got it almost right, 90% of the time, and for that I am thankful. And for that I recommend every future parent to watch this movie not thinking themselves as the 10% as the exception, but as the most likely rule.
If you do not have kids but wants them remember to ask yourself if you have enough time, enough patience, and the right partner to conceive a human life that needs these three ingredients. A human life is far too important to leave it to chance, and sometimes just because you happen to have functioning reproductive organs does not mean you should be a parent. Sometimes it is better to deny yourself of that gratification so you can do the right thing, the mature thing.