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The enemy airship has been deployed 7 nation army intensifies. Thank you, now I don't have to go see the movie. Just watched it. Es la peor versión del 2019 prefiero la del 2006.


Exactly what part of this is supposed to make me say wow thats interesting, i should watch this movie. Who bank rolls this, with so many better ideas around. I hope Tommen's a better soldier than he was a king. Me during watching the trailer : Me after watching the trailer: And me after made up my mind: No thank you.


A add for this came before the vid started 😂. When the trailer is the actual movie. “An enemy behemoth is en route”. I loved this movie it's about every day people dealing with problems. And a reminder that no matter what your going through Jesus's love if you Trust him things will get better. Jesus is with us in every tear and heart break we go through. We may leave him but, he will never leave us. Jesus is telling us that He's Love and Forgiveness is for everyone.

Oh hey I went to school with that spikey haired chick. That's crazy. As someone who's seen the movie I just want to add that this trailer does in fact have edited shots most importantly when they unmask the attacker so it's not entirely spoilt. They still show too much of the third act but still there's more to it than dudes are just evil.