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Hero by Frank Ocean would be a really fitting soundtrack. Hey sis EEEEUUYYYYY. Not one person of color in the trailer, I guess drug problems apply only to white people? Think about what I just typed. This is awesome. First it was Deep Blue Sea. Now it's Rock Above Sea. 08 Joker voice: good evening. nolanites. I thought someone called me on skype. I'm so related to this, I see my father as a superhero. my father died before i can even grant his greatest wish; to celebrate their 50th anniversary in the beaches of Maldives 😞. So now I'm scared that if i love a man like him, he will leave me too. Man, Jane Fonda looks good for her age. I always knew ed Pierce Brosnan is the most handsome living mammal. Can i still get this even though i didn't watch the first one? please give me some feedback. thank you! ♥️.

The whole trailer killed me 😂😂. I was hoping Alison Lohman would have had a bigger part in this film. Still looks good though. What is this movie about... Ryan @ 2:00. INSANELY HILARIOUS... Blake looking hot. The cinematography looks good. I like how you're complaining about us being depicted as if we wore cowboy hats then saying how Mexicans are the ones with hats when I've never actually met a Mexican who has a cowboy hat BOOM reverse stereotyping. To all those who enjoy artsy movies, this one is a must-see. Jesus pierce got old. Mr Bond, you've aged a lot... Pierce who. Hey can anyone tell me what should i know to understand this movie...

Didn't see the first one but enjoyed this



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