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Who else is here after watching ‘The Act. Still gotta be one of my favourites.


So I went to bed with headsets on and Spotify playing on random. I woke up when this played and now I know it. I shit you not. The Riyria Chronicles. Why. You don't like Morgana. This is one of those songs that sound better through the speakers of an 80s muscle car. Just cruising with the windows down. With nowhere to be but in that moment. It's definitely inaccurate especially the part where she fell off the trampoline. Because I'm almost positive gypsy said herself that it was a fall on a motorcycle with a uncle or Grandpa or something like that.

Who else is watching this in 2019 and who else watches The Act. Mmm that tyrian quote. The Rose and the Thorn (2018) English Full Movie Online Watch'The'Rose'and'the'OnLine'IndiEwire. The Rose and the Thorn" HD Full Episodes Online... THE RHYS TURN THE COSTUMES THE WINGS MOR'S TURN I'M SCREAMING. Been jamming since high school, still rocking in 2019.


Ermehgerd This is awesome! Anyone know where I can get that image without the writing, would make an awesome background. YOU'D BE SUPRISED TO HEAR WHAT SHE THINKS LOL not surprised y would she be happy about this.





My 2019 Reading List.


Heir powers (class powers 3. The spectral Sewing bird is a shop run by Matilda Needlesworth a 6th generation seamstress with a trick up her sleeve, a magical sewing bird, and it's meant to be a shop you could just add to any city or town you'd like it to be in. But before I dive into this I better explain what a Sewing bird is for those of us like myself who hadn't really heard of one before. (As this is my first post ever on this sub I'd love to here any criticism you have for the post, be it on content or layout. So. Sign Up Here! link. Sign ups closed In January there will be two games running simultaneously. Game A: Shrek - hosted by /u/pezes and shadowed by /u/meddleofmycause * Game B: Ancient Egyptian Gods - hosted by /u/funkimon and shadowed by /u/MyoglobinAlternative When signing up you can either choose one, say which one youd prefer, or say that you dont mind. Once upon a ti.

Every year I make a list of the books I read during the year. It's a fun way to look back at everything that's happened, both in the stories I've experienced and remembering where I was when I read those books. There were very few books on this list that I didn't enjoy (although those few were certainly stinkers. If you see something that looks interesting, feel free to ask me about it. It is mostly fantasy, but there are a few from other genres. However they are all fiction, my non-fictio.

Im not entirely certain of when Id first met her; the girl in the velvet dress. But looking back, I think it was around the third or fourth grade. It was a long time ago, and though, unimportant details like the name of my teacher at the time, and what the course material was happen to drift just beyond cognition, the events that happened have remained sharp within my memory. They linger, like a rose bush that you reach out for, anxious to pluck it from its stem and smell it, but in the proces.

The Crying of Lot 49 Reading Group Discussion - Chapter Four * Characters. by order of appearance) Clayton Chiclitz - owner of Yoyodyne Stanley Koteks - Yoyodyne worker, presumably a disgruntled engineer John Nefastis - inventor of the Nefastis Machine, mentioned by name only Mike Fallopian - conservative, writing a book on the postal service Metzger - aka Baby Igor, lawyer Zapf - owner of Zapfs Used Books Mr Thoth - senior citizen senescing at Inveraritys Versperhaven House, named a.