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My approach giving up PMO. Preface: Before I start, let me post Iron's Retrospective for 2019.] 2019_retrospective/ Welcome to another edition of Throwback ~ Thursdays~ TUESDAYS! Before we dive into the cartoon tsunami decade in review, on behalf of the moderation staff here on r/Toonami, I wanted to wish everyone here a safe and happy New Years! I wish y'all the absolute best going into the next decade. Let's take the last day of the 2010's to reflect on the. * Readiness condition. DefCon 7 * Exercise term. WHITE NOISE * Description. Lowest state of readiness within the Terran Union. No hostiles exist that threaten the current military capabilities of fleets or planets. Minimum armaments on all non-colonization fleets as per Unified Module Design (UMD. Dedicated military fleets (excluding capital weaponry) to be maintained at around 5% of total fleet capability, guarding crucial jump points in the Union. Military fleets are to maintain a 2.

(Advice) Lessons learned this far dating as a black girl. * Who. Before we begin, let's turn the clock back to the 1970s for a second. In 1980, China was poorer on a per-capita basis than all but two African nations. Today it's richer than all but a single, rather misleadingly "rich" Guinea#Economy) petrostate. In 1973, a delegation of U.S. scientists visited China's top university- Peking University. They "concluded that science training there was at ab.

# Pro-Male manifesto The Pro-Male movement is distinct from other online male spaces due to a conscious decision by its founders. A bit of history will put this into context, as sadly, the mens rights activists with good intentions, who want to fix human rights violations men face, such as military conscription, genital mutilation, child support and parental alienation—and who manage to achieve things—are a tiny minority among those who claim activist status. Anti-feminism is too right-wi. Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Nov. 19, 2001. I am physically unable to speak and I absolutely love Rainbow Six Siege. "Trump's DOJ is deploying a "surge" of federal police in 7 cities to fight violent crime. Some see this as militarized targeting of marginalized communities. "Operation Relentless Pursuit" Detroit Albuquerque Baltimore Cleveland Kansas City, MO + KS area Memphis Milwaukee" Added) The federal government chose Baltimore as one of several cities to participate in the National Safety Public Partnership. A "strike force" consisting of s.

Post-war inquiry into Humanitys unwillingness to reveal their warrior class, requested by the honorable Karkat and Chitiiri Pt. 1.