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Kind of strange to see that people think there has been no deregulation since the 1980's. It was an important agenda for both Reagan and Thatcher and they deregulated quite heavily. Even during the 90s, under the more leftist presidency of Clinton and prime ministership of Blair, it went on. If there had been adequate oversight over the market, maybe junk like mortgage derivatives wouldn't have poisoned the financial sector. Can you imagine what complete deregulation could bring? Honestly.

You've come a long way from vikings to this. Bravo Sweden. @Th3Wab3 yes, you are a liberal. Here, you have demonized capitalism, and victimized socialism. You are a liberal. Im Swedish and I think this segment was factual and balanced. @gorgonzolaaa so im a liberal? what does that even mean? i never said anything about being pro capt or pro soci. what we have and have ever had is a mixture of the two some with greater components of other. workers have never owned the means of production and the free-market has never existed (well except for the black market. my point is that human ignorance and stupidity has always prevented the establishment and execution of the poignant principles most success derives from coruption.


Don't put water in an internal combustion engine then. Just as it is unwise to emit toxic smoke and soot from oil and coal in our natural environment. I'm not sure if global warming is manmade or a natural phenomena, but I do know carbon emissions aren't exactly healthy. But who cares, we've got an economic system to sustain, right. Free or Equal: A Personal View by johan norberg. The government regulations forced financial institutions to issue junk products? And then they forced rating agencies to rate those triple-A? Did the government force the financial sector to take irresponsible risks for short term profits rewarded with ridiculous bonusses? Come on! I get your point that not all regulation is good and that some government policies can have negative effects on society, but that doesn't render the market innocent and without any blame for the current crisis.

Thanks for this amazing documentary (from a classical liberal swedish citizen. Free or equal 3a a personal view by johan norberg live. Oh, I thought this was going to be a documentary about Swedish self-loathing and how its inability to stand up for itself made it easy prey for migrants. Free or equal 3a a personal view by johan norberg karaoke. Free or equal 3a a personal view by johan norberg remix. Free or Equal: A Personal View by Johan norbert wiener. Thanks for this. It's more education on economics and government intervention in the market than most people in the U.S. get in the 13 years we're in grade school, and probably more than many get in 2-8 years of college. Now I just have to convince my economically illiterate friends to sit down and watch it. Unfortunately, I'm afraid cognitive dissonance is going to spoil the message. They won't believe the plain truth in front of their eyes because they already believe the lie that government is the solution to everything.

Thank you for this MR. Stossel, thank you sir. Everyone knows Sweden only got rich because Paramount had to pay it royalties every time Star Trek used the word borg. Johan Norberg is a writer, known for Free or Equal: A Personal View by Johan Norberg (2011) Power to the People with Johan Norberg (2015) and Sweden: Lessons for America? A personal exploration by Johan Norberg (2018. Overdos (2010) 211 0 0. The study of how Sweden grew from poverty to one of the richest nations in the world can be contrasted with how Argentina fell from one of the richest countries in the world to where they are today. Sweden has run a budget surplus since 2004.


Free or Equal: A Personal View by Johan norbert pousseur. Internet Movie Database Genres: Documentary Countries: USA Released: Thursday, July 28, 2011 Official sites: Official site In 1980 economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman inspired market reform in the West and revolutions in the East with his celebrated television series "Free To Choose. Thirty years later, in this one-hour documentary, the young Swedish writer, analyst and Cato Foundation Fellow Johan Norberg. more In 1980 economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman inspired market reform in the West and revolutions in the East with his celebrated television series "Free To Choose. more. Free or Equal: A Personal View by Johan norberto. Free or Equal: A Personal View by Johan norbert. I'm sorry, we just don't agree. If I say carbon emissions are unhealthy, which is corroborated by research, you say you rely on research that proves the opposite. If I say I read an article stating the free market creates poverty, you have information proving otherwise. In the end it's about what kind of world you prefer to live in. I choose sharing over competing. Lets all decide to end poverty tomorrow, instead of letting the free market MAYBE solve it some glorious day in the distant future.

I like how the guy's playing Devil's advocate in the 45:00 conversation, he's so into his part. With the radical left in power in Greece and their inept and bonkers rule things have turned worse. Surprisingly for the outside observer the demostrations have decreased greatly but not to the locals that know that the professionals of the pavements, the ones flaming the fires of discontent are now IN the government.

Terrorist regimes have no problem obtaining weapons as it is. Price fixing can only occur with the support of government. There is not a single example in the free market of this ever occurring. Derivatives are not toxic, government involvement in the monetary system and housing sector were. I suggest reading an article titled: Myths About Enron. There is nothing wrong with profits. I do understand your way of thinking, but I just see it differently. We are all forced to live by the laws of capitalism, correct? If capitalism is not my idea of freedom you could say I'm forced into it. So, whose standards am I forced to function by then.

Free or equal 3a a personal view by johan norberg html. Free or Equal: A Personal View by Johan norberg. Crazy Bernie Sanders wants the U.S. to embrace what Sweden has rejected. @XCritonX. The light and temporary pain of failure is much better than the serious and long term damage that comes from total collapse. Nicely stated. I couldn't have said it better myself. You did a pretty good job of showing the much of the words from the talking heads was rehashed, pooled ignorance. Most of the contributors seemed to think that if they talked enough, that their words would eventually mean somthing. Sorry, not! Your one contributor who knew what the solution was, was largely ignored. Government NEVER created long term demand. Free or Equal: A Personal View by Johan norbert et jean.

Norberg says: By self interest he (Friedman) wasn't thinking of greed. But greed is what we see all around us! Can we therefore conclude that humanity is largely incapable of responsibly implementing the theoretically sound but naive ideas of Friedman? In the video it's said that 'self interest COULD produce an orderly society benefiting everybody' So, it could, but what if it doesn't? My conclusion is that you can rationalise/theorise virtually everything to prove the point you want to make.