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That is cheating. Damn I can already feel the tears coming. I don't know how anyone could dislike this. This guy is a true inspiration. People that complain and get upset over the tiniest little imagine. You couldnt. Much love and support to you, Mr. Zion. Wrestling a dude like this would be hard as hell. You're a real fighter. Not watching it. If y'all want to watch a real wrestling movie go watch Cary kolat documentary. Love what your doing Netflix🙏. Dat 32C cleavage tho! lol. I was searching up zion williamson then i got here.



Respect man. This was a great Documentary. I also noticed that some of those athletes in the film are dealing with Mental health issues. I also suffered with mental health issues, bit never delt with them until about 4 years ago. I'm now 35 years old. I known have the proper meds and I'm no longer in denial about it. Who cares about Kristen Dunst shes washed up. Poor thumbnail, fake engagement. Anything that stars Kirsten Dunst, I'm totally in and watching. She's one of my favorite underrated actresses. Get em Zion. 17.10.2019 She had lucked into the makings of a cult wrestling classic. Two redneck friends join forces to pursue their dream of making it into pro wrestling. Golden Graham, the mullet-headed manager, tries to push Paul a.k.a Big Thing, into the wrestling spotlight.

Florida Bush League Wrestling: The Movie (2017. And that coach! The patience of Job. I would have long thrown those bad actors off the team and put my focus on the ones who really wanted to be there. All that wanting it more for them than they wanted it for themselves. no, that doesn't work for me.






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