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I just woke up and watched this trailer while half asleep with one eye, i am confused as hell. Interviewer: So how does time work in your new film? Nolan: Nope. Finn wolfhard is in nearly every movie in 2019 I swear. When I first saw nat's sister I thought it was crimson widow from the comics And is'nt taskmaster the main villain of this movie? Edit: ok that his crimson widow I did research. Im starting to think Ryan only does one character. Just a hardcore thank you to Alan Rickman I'm not crying, you're crying.😭. Has anybody ever read the book a message to Garcia. Marvel to everyone Black Widow dying means it's a great time to tell her origin story.

Am I the only one who had deja vu seeing Denzel Washingtons son say “nuclear holocaust” in a movie? Crimson Tide is the best naval movie ever. Y'all turned into paper, it's nothing really I promise. 2019? Who's still watching this trailer. How can you tell it's a Christopher Nolan's movie? 1 It has Michael Caine in it and #2 The time is somehow messed up. I saw this movie, it was amazing. Fantastic. Can't wait to see the movie. Fact: I was made to watch this movie at a friend's. And that's why I haven't watched Star Trek. Try to understand it I don't. I don't understand. Everything about this looks hilarious. Love the addition of Danny Devito & Danny Glover.

If Nolan has an Ancestry account, his great grandfather is Father Time. Michael Bay went all-in on The Score songs as the film's soundtrack. I hate Joe. - What happened here. It hasnt happened yet, alright. Please say Epstein, Im a Doctor, not an assassin.



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