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As someone who just finished the series, this trailer does not do it any justice at all. I expected to stop watching first episode but gave it a chance out of boredom and I'm glad I did. The trailer was bad but the show is really waiting for season 2 now... Ham afgani mujahedin any waly hy. Inquest report of azad showed he was killed in staged encounter.

I watched it already tho... Red Ant Dream. Thanks for the upload. Viva la revolution. I already watched this. लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम लाललसलाम,👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌. This looks so bad Even worse than so bad it's good. Lal salam. Honesty, I really didn't expect to like this show as much as I do. Given, the first and maybe second episode are a bit tough to get through, but from then on it's really fantastic. My favorite thing about the show are definitely the characters, the protagonists are all so likable, well written and quite complex, that you really get attached to them. Some of my personal faves are Angelica, Ms. Crumble, Wesley and Turbo. The ending was phenomenal and had a great cliffhanger, which would make it a shame, if this series wouldn't get a second season.

Still better than ghostbusters. Poor Innocent youth is being brainwashed by the commie leaders. Sad to see them & their deadly fate. Who else is reminded of Pikmin. Aside from the fart joke, this actually seems like a pretty cool little movie. Amei essa série 💓❤️👏👏 já pode vim a segunda tempora. We need season 2.

“This is why I avoid people” Yes

I just finished watching the first season and I LOVED IT! Probably my favourite comedy TV show. The story was interesting, the action was great, the cgi mutant animals could have look more realistic, but aside from that one thing it was great! And I especially loved the cliché dodge at the end. I really hope for a season 2.


Official website. I love this person's animation... lol.






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