Full hd imdb 1987004 Tornado Rampage 2011

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This year it's been extremely cold up in North West when warmer weather from the South East meet up they create this turbulence all the way from Kansas to North Carolina.


Overpasses are actually not safe in a tornado since they can act as wind tunnels. Many people have been killed trying to hide under or get to an overpass.


I have been a storm chaser for 19 years and I was in Tuscaloosa the day that violent tornado ripped through that City... I was in Tuscaloosa just visiting friends and on vacation. i had no clue what was in store for us that day. The tornado missed my friend's home by 1.3 things that I remember about that tornado is, it had its own personality and the sound was horrible. the one main thing that I remember of that day is how it literally shook the ground. and the devastation that I witnessed that day has stuck with me since it happened. I have occasional flashbacks of that day. I remember when we went into town to help people and I could not control my emotions... I cried immediately because everyone's home was wiped away within minutes. Oh my God, hearing people scream and beg for help will NEVER leave me. I just want to say I absolutely love this video but there was people in this video that had no common sense. people that have never seen a tornado get excited and they think they are professional Storm Chasers and that's how they end up getting killed unfortunately.

I went through a tornado in 1965. It gave me a life long fear and fascination of storms. 🌪🌪🌪. 3:30 notice the idiot parked under a powerline. If a tornado is simply in the middle of nowhere just minding its business killing nothing but grass and destroying nothing but power lines and corn crops, they are the most beautiful sight one can ever see. I love the power of nature! I would rather be inconvenienced at the grocery store paying more for a can of corn because a tornado destroyed part of a crop. rather than at the morgue.

Lmao. “Dont you want to know what it does to them trees?” LOL I know this documentary isnt funny, but that dude was funny. When stationed in Miss I use to go tornado chasing, I have always thought I was safer in a car than in a house that you cant drive away from it in. Who saw Steve Irwin in the thumbnail.