Lost Creek in smart tv HDR

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Lost Creek. Even John J. Rambo is a fictitious character it feels so good at the end seeing him riding on a horse towards the mountains. He is Not an immortal killing machine. He is more than that. He is a symbol of justice and Never quit. He is a „broken“ man who doesn‘t want to fight anymore since decades now. But they don‘t let him so when you are pushed, killin‘ is easy as breathin‘. Hope you find peace now Jonny. Goodbye wishing you the best. Again well played and portrait. All I could say while watching this trailer was ew. Tres bon film. Some decent scary sequences. The slow and purposeful hypnotic pace makes the scares that much more of a punch. Would recommend for 12 and under.
Hoping the director gets a better budget and actors next time. Could be a scary classic ifso.

If those clowns come near I would run them over with a 🚗. I saw This when i was dice how im ten and i just thought it wasnt real😂😂😂nos im ten. Does anyone else think he looks like a koala? Like is that just me. Nice hat. Thank you! I was being sarcastic. Well, I stole your face! D. Take off that mask Carly Beth. I just like being with you. Yeah, I related to that girl instantly. I'd hunt the shit out of bigfoot with the man of my dreams! Hell, I'd make out with him dressed like bigfoot.

Anyone here because Sam golbach 😂❤️.




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