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Country USA Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story







Im smiling too hard at this trailer

I thought it was a too good to be true kinda film. Where hes great n the beginning, then... I didnt know it was a romance. Id see it.


Ive never watched a trailer so much and it warms my heart every single time! Not to mention that soundtrackšŸ”„This is perfectionā¤ļø.


Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story. LaKeith Stanfield is one of the best new actors in the game. Every time I see him in a role I feel like I am seeing a totally different actor because of his high level of skill/talent. I have never been more excited for a movie in my life. I love Issa and I can't wait to take my babygirl to see this movie. Cameron Shearer. ME TOO. This movie took my breath away just seen the trailer ā€œlaKeith Stanfieldā€ is so fine to mešŸ„µ #blacklove #I cant wait. Lakeith Stanfield is so sexy šŸ˜ Love him. How can I pre order my ticket (s) for this? Like seriously. Ps. The cinematography, the actors, the story, the whole vibe is just something very special. I'm looking forward to it, God's will. LaKeith Stanfield is magical! I adore him.

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Harry Bosch's Black Ice got me here.
Lucky Daye and H.E.R. in the back I'm already hooked. Definitely can't wait for this.

Its kinda got that Love Jones feel to it. I like it, soundtrack sounds dope too

Yasss I'm watching this.