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Hey all, back with this week's Primarch in review: Roboute Guilliman, the Avenging Son! To briefly clarify a point of confusion that some people have raised on recent posts: the goal of these reviews is to compile all of the information regarding each Primarch so that in the comments we can review the information and discuss them. The last review of Alpharius led to exciting/great conversations and support! Below will be links to the past reviews; I strongly recommend that you read all of them i. Free Beats & Samples is the no.1 resource for producers looking for royalty free Hip Hop samples packs, Royalty free Trap sample pack and beats Free Trap Beats to Download - Lil Xan Type Beat Free and Samples. One of my favorite topics to read about is the role of AI, and more specifically, AI's connection to humanity. I prefer books that are character-heavy and thematic. Links are given to either the Goodreads page or directly to the story, if applicable. Here are my favorite ones that tackle the topic. The Best of the Bunch. Imperial Radch series: search=trueampqid=qnGwpwSIJramprank=1) Absolutely amazing! The main charact.