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Gang. been occasionally surfing for just over a year (Beginner+ NYC/Rockaways educated, 8'6" Challenger log) and going to find myself solo traveling in Europe during August. What's going to be my best setup to get in the water as frequently as possible, say. 18 days? amp#x200B; Would love a point break consistently churning out waist-high peelers, but understand the summer in Europe is fickle (and crowded. amp#x200B; Here's the deal. No issues catching waves, hoping to get e.

Europe in August - Hebrides (UK) vs. Ireland vs. Basque / Galicia vs. Portugal.


(Monde) « Biarritz surf gang », une autre histoire du surf français, Ce documentaire de Nathan Curren et Pierre Denoyel, disponible gratuitement sur Studio+ raconte lautre visage du surf en France, tel quon ne nous lavait jamais montré. « Biarritz surf gang », une autre histoire du surf français.