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Thank you for this scene Grey's Anatomy. It'll be forever etched in our memories. Who lives, who dies and definitely who tells our story. ❤. I was literally enjoying the movie all the way till the end, it was suppose to be shyamalan comeback for me but he literally shot himself in the foot again. I'm an avid Harry Potter fan, but this movie was extremely confusing. I spent so much energy trying to understand the movie as I was watching it that it took away from the experience. Stick to weed yall if u ever wanna try. u shouldnt but weed is your best friend.

My Lexie... 💔😭. Screenwriting is much harder if you are having to work within the bounds of an established story written for a very different media (primarily a novel) as you are frequently stripped of tools necessary to make the story work (primarily runtime vs read time and the consumers ability to read at their own pace vs the need of a movie to maintain the consumer for a single sitting. I think I well crafted novel remains harder then a story written specifically for a movie, but this wouldn't hold true for all novels. Either way when a movie is written as a movie and not an adaptation of some other media it really shows. That was the core strength of the first fantastic beast movie and why i really enjoyed it. The pacing and plot were spot on and tight, the world building was subtly woven in in such a way that you didn't necessarily have to know Harry potter to get it, but no time was truly wasted catching people up and the cast was efficiently crafted with no areas feeling lacking because of dropped characters or modified characters from a novel. So with the success of the made for movie first movie in mind, I can't understand why they looked at the mess of a second movie they made and thought yeah this will do.

Agree with everything besides one thing with story writing. Poor writers are those who just put it right there in front of you. He's tall, kind, genuine. We have a saying, Show don't tell. Given, writing rules can be broken and in some places it should be, but that is a lousy way to write. Actions speak louder than words. Whats first sentence Me says ? Well I mean. something. 2:10 Disgusting.

Rollings is indeed a JK of a writer

Nobody: JK Rowling: Neville Longbottom did 9/11. 0:30 - 0:37 killed meee. I feel uncomfortable watching this tbh.


These facial animations are so strange. 0:36 That slap though. Oh my God! Amazing video.